A Typical Service


Pictured: Christmas Eve, and a story for the children.

Here’s a link to a typical Order of Service

While there’s a similar feel to each week, things do change.  Most Sundays our minister leads the worship service, but some Sundays the service is led by lay people, or by a guest preacher.  Most Sundays the service in the Sanctuary is aimed at adults, while the children are in their Sunday school (Religious Education) classes — but some Sundays adults and children all gather together in the Sanctuary for a multi-generational service.

We begin with a doxology, a welcome, time to greet our neighbors, and some announcements.  We light a “flaming chalice” [see the “Newcomers” page], and say words of covenant [see “Home”].

Typically we sing two or three hymns, accompanied on the organ or piano.  There are generally readings, a prayer or meditation, and a sermon.  We also cherish a time called “Joys and Sorrows” where those who wish come forward and either silently light a candle for a joy or sorrow, or light a candle and tell us about the joy or sorrow (such as a birthday, anniversary, illness, etc.).  Sunday morning services tend to last from 10:30 a.m. until 11:30 or 11:45, followed by coffee hour in the chapel.

Below: the choir.