Worship – Finding Hope and Healing in the Broken Places

SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 10:30 AM –

Throughout our individual lives and our community life, there are moments that inevitably “bring us to our knees.” For good, bad, or indifferent our familiar world implodes and we are left with a panoply of emotions, changes, challenges, and concerns. In all instances there is a time to grieve, but at some point, there is also a time to pick-up-the-broken pieces, find our strength and purpose and hope, again, and create something new with our lives and community. It is in such moments that we rediscover the vital essence that was there all the time, and that calls us to push through the pain, sorrow, and disillusionment. Fear and giving-up are not options that lead to growth and renewal.

Please join us this morning as we welcome this new season of infinite possibilities. All hail glorious spring!

This is a sanctuary start for the children.

led by The Reverend Cynthia A. Frado, Minister Emerita

Worship – Once Upon a Time

SUNDAY, MARCH 17, 10:30 AM –

Join us for Rev. Bev’s last service as our minister. Her sermon, Once Upon a Time, is about story telling and the idea that a congregation is like a conversation. Conversations need multiple voices and involve both talking and listening to be productive and effective. Just as a congregation needs diverse voices and people taking turns actively conversing and actively listening to be successful and effective.

And please plan to stay for the reception after the service to say goodbye to Rev. Bev.

Worship – Coming of Age Sunday

SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 10:30 AM –

Join us for this annual service when we hear from our 8th grade Coming of Age (COA) youth as they present their credo statements. The service will start with the baby dedication ceremony of Brett Kyes. This is definitely a Sunday to be in the pews honoring and supporting our children and youth of all ages.

Chalice illustration by Lillith Runyan, one of our COA youth.

Worship – Found While Lost

SUNDAY, MARCH 3, 10:30 AM –

In Becoming: A Spiritual Guide for Navigating Adulthood, Rev. Erik W. Martínez Resly writes, “The question is not whether we will get lost in life, but rather how we will move through it in faith. Will we dwell on everything that we have lost? Or will we focus instead on everything that we have yet to find?” Join Rev. Bev as she explores how, in matters big and small, you can be found when you think you are lost.