Instructions for Hosting Coffee Hour

Thank you for hosting coffee hour!    






Before Service

  1. Make regular coffee in percolator: 2 measuring cups coffee for 36 cups.  There’s a diagram over the sink on how to assemble coffee pot.  Plug it in and listen to make sure the urn is making percolating sounds.  Red light will turn on when ready.  
  2. Make 10 cups decaf in small Mr. Coffee-type coffee pot.  1 heaping tablespoon for each cup.  Coffee filters are in red plaid tin.  Leave service a few minutes early to turn it on.  
  3. Put water in white electric teapot.  (Turn on after service.)
  4. Set out on coffee table:
    • Coffee mugs
    • Plastic cups and juice
    • Tray with selection of teas
    • Milk and half & half in small pitchers
    • Sugar packets in bowl
    • Teaspoons on a small plate

After Coffee Hour

  1. Empty coffee pot.  I recommend unplugging and removing the cover a few minutes before you plan to dump it out so the leftover coffee can cool a little.  
  2. Rinse the coffee pot.  OK to put small parts in dishwasher. 
  3. Put supplies away.  Sugar needs to go back into Tupperware to keep it away from mice.  
  4. Wipe down coffee table.  
  5. Check status of milk/half and half for next week and email next Sunday’s host so we don’t over-buy.


  1. Set out food you provided on table along with…
    • Napkins
    • White plates
    • Extra cookies in plastic bin if you need them.


  1. Check for forgotten plates, esp in parlor.
  2. Load and run dishwasher.  
  3. Take out trash to dumpster and put in new trash bags
  4. Bring home recycling.