Social Justice

A Year of Social Justice Action

 “We as a congregation affirm the importance of making a difference in this world.  We understand that there are many ways to make that difference, and we resolve as a congregation and as individual members, to focus attention on those issues requiring justice outside of this church.  We affirm this by declaring the Church Year 2016 – 2017 “A Year of Social Justice Action.”

As part of this Action, we are placing a “Standing On the Side of Love” sign at the front of the church, as reminder to ourselves that we have embarked on this renewed purpose for our Congregation.”

Proclamations and signs are all fine and good, but how do we put this into action?  How do we, as individuals and as a congregation, with good intentions, but without a great deal of time, have the most impact?

Responsibility for making this happen rests on all of us.  The Social Justice Committee sees itself as an umbrella group willing to help focus attention on issues of interest to individual members of the Congregation.  Yet all members need to take a step forward devoting energy to helping in the organization.

This is in keeping with our Mission Statement which says in part “…to create and participate in activities that celebrate and uniquely reflect our Unitarian Universalist principles to the larger community.”

At this time, the Social Justice Committee has identified three areas we feel are important, and around which congregational teams might coalesce.

Equal Rights Team.

Environmental Justice Team

Racial and Economic Justice Team

We have an active Social Justice Committee involved in areas of Environmental, Racial, and Economic action.  Our purpose as a committee is to further the aims of our members in their pursuit of individual and group action.  Please join us.


You can find out the areas we’re interested in our Weekly “Green Sheet”.  It’s on this site here. 



UUCSW Social Justice Contact is Jerry Breecher  — Jerry @ Breecher .  com